Pre-Convocation Discussion Forum Recordings

New NALC Assistants to the Bishop
Led by: Pr. Carl Rasmussen (NALC Executive Council Member) and the Restructure Task Force
Date & Time: Wednesday, July 28, 7 p.m. ET
New NALC Centralized Office
Led by: Scott Kramer (NALC Executive Council Member) and the Long Range Planning Team
Date & Time: Wednesday, July 28, 8 p.m. ET
2022 Budget
Led by: Mike Johnson (NALC Treasurer) and Anne Gleason (NALC Financial Administrator)
Date & Time: Thursday, July 29, 7 p.m. ET

Liturgies of Lutheran Week 2021

Proposed Agenda

The proposed agenda is now available! You can download the agenda here, or at the link below for your convenience.

Proposed Rules of Procedure

  1. The business of this Convocation shall be as outlined in the official agenda distributed to the convocation.
  2. The rules set forth in the current edition of “Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised,” shall govern this Convocation in all applicable cases and to the extent consistent with the rules and agenda adopted by this Convocation, and according to the constitution of the North American Lutheran Church.
  3. Once adopted, the rules shall not be amended or suspended except by a two-thirds vote of those present and voting at this Convocation.
  4. The voting body for this Convocation will include all ordained ministers of the North American Lutheran Church, who are properly registered to attend; and those laypersons who have been elected as delegates by congregations of the North American Lutheran Church, who are properly registered to attend. The quorum for conducting business shall be such registered delegates who are in attendance.
  5. If not a delegate, each NALC officer and each person serving in a position subject to election by a Convocation will have the right of voice but not vote at this Convocation.
  6. Unless otherwise determined by a majority of the Convocation, all speeches during discussion shall be limited tothree minutes. A signal shall be given one minute before the speaker’s time ends.
  7. All elections shall follow the procedures outlined in the Constitution. The Constitution specifies that except for the office of Bishop, nominations must be submitted to the Nominating Committee no later than 45 days prior to the Convocation.
  8. A majority of the legal votes cast shall be necessary for election. Should a first ballot not result in an election, a second ballot shall be cast. The nominees for a second ballot shall include the names of the two persons who have received the highest vote on the first ballot, plus ties.
  9. A Committee on Reference and Counsel will serve during this Convocation. On this Committee will be the Committee Chair, a member of the Court of Adjudication, a member of the Executive Council, and two additional delegates to the Convocation, one clergy and one lay, appointed by the Bishop. All suggested items for consideration by the Convocation outside the adopted agenda, including amendments to the constitution, shall be presented to the Committee no later than 6:30 p.m. on the first day of the Convocation. The Committee will review all proposed items in consultation with the person(s) presenting proposals. The committee will present a report to the Convocation in which the Committee will recommend a time for the Convocation to consider the proposals.

Structuring Plan

Greetings to the leaders of The North American Lutheran Church,

 The NALC has a commission for mission. The About Us section of our website sums this up well:

 “A renewed Lutheran community moving forward in faith, the NALC is focused on living out Christ’s Great Commission to go and make disciples in North America and around the globe.”

 With this as our core, we want to equip the Body of Christ for this work. Our NALC dean structure has been effective in the past, but we have grown, and find that we need to adapt our continental structure to continue to meet our needs of discipleship for all as we pursue the mission and ministry of our Lord.

 The NALC Restructuring Task Force has picked up the work begun several years ago, addressed our current situation, and created a plan to meet our growing Body of Christ at work in the world.

We present this document with details of the structuring plan. 

The Restructuring Task Force members are:

Pastor Daniel M. Powell, Convener of the Task Force and former Dean;
Pastor Mark Daniels, Convener of the Deans;
Pastor Pam Thorson, Dean;
Scott Kramer, NALC Executive Council;
Pastor Mark Chavez, former NALC General Secretary


May the name of Jesus Christ be praised!

Building a Culture of Generosity in our Congregations — Join us for RESET, a workshop hosted by the Living and Giving Stewardship Team

Is it possible to change the culture of giving in your congregation? Yes!

Though first, one has to understand one’s own relationship to money and giving. RESET is a highly interactive study that helps congregations reset and sharpen their vision of giving. It will test participants’ assumptions and misconceptions. Through exploring your family of origin and how it shapes your current attitudes about giving, you will learn how to craft your own story about your relationship with money and giving.

This seminar also resets our biblical understandings about Jesus, money and possessions, and assists congregations in resetting their priorities and faith practices. To shift giving and generosity from being only a transactional activity, to one that is truly transformational. Transformational giving is not focused on the amount or size of the gift, but on the joy and life-changing effect it has on the giver.

What has been your experience of giving in congregations — joyful and generous or conflictual and challenging? Is there a spoken or unspoken concern that there is never enough? You will be asked to explore those concerns and write a spiritual biography about giving in your life and a vision for giving in your congregation. A vision based upon how Jesus has richly blessed your life.

Participants will also learn how to build a legacy of giving — the importance of creating a testament to your faith with one’s money and possessions, that reaches far beyond your lifetime.

Join us in the conversation, as together we work to build a culture of generosity in our families and our faith communities!

Materials will be provided.

Youth Ministry Workshops to take the place of youth symposium during Lutheran Week 2021

There is no youth ministry symposium at Lutheran Week this year — at least not as it has appeared in the past.

This year Lutheran Week will be introducing workshops into the schedule, a format that will turn the former youth ministry symposium into a Tuesday morning or a Wednesday evening opportunity. Both workshops will feature identical content with the theme title “Now What”join us as we discern how best to do youth ministry coming out of a pandemic.

Individual sessions for those who want to talk specifically about their ministry to young people in their congregations will be available.

For more information on the youth ministry workshops, contact Gary & Laurie Pecuch at [email protected].