Results of Votes During the 2021 Mission Convocation

Constitution Amendments to Article 11 

 You can download the amendments here.

Resolution Regarding Four Regional Assistants to the Bishop (as amended)

Be it resolved that the NALC support the Executive Council’s plan to have four quarter-time assistants to the bishop, who will serve to expand the bishop’s ministry to mission districts, deans, pastors and congregations in their respective geographic areas.

Number of Ballots  319
Number necessary to elect 160
Yes 262
No 49
Abstain/ Invalid 8

Motion approved

Resolution Regarding NALC Central Office (as amended)

Be it resolved that the NALC supports the Executive Council’s plan to establish a central denominational office located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.

Number of Ballots  319
Number necessary to elect 160
Yes 262
No 49
Abstain/ Invalid 8

Motion approved

Executive Council, Clergy — Four-Year Term (one to be elected)

Number of ballots:   269
Number necessary to elect 135
Rev. Dr. Jess Abbott 125
Rev. Mark A. Werner 144

Declared:  Rev. Mark Werner

Court of Adjudication — Four-Year Term (two to be elected)

Number of ballots 263
Number necessary to elect 132
Rev. Miguel A. Acosta  107
Rev. Dr. Jeffray S. Greene 189
Mr. Lyle Hollander 100
Mr. Matthew A. Lind 129

Declared:  Rev. Jeffray Greene and Matthew Lind

Resolution Requesting Intentional and Intensive Prayer for Ethiopia

Report of the Committee on Reference and Counsel: Rev.  Steve Shipman presented Resolution requesting intentional and intensive prayer for Ethiopia:

Whereas Ethiopia is experiencing internal conflict and tension, especially in the north;

Whereas since 2012 the North American Lutheran Church has been in full communion partnership with the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY);

Whereas in his greeting to the NALC 2021 Convocation, the Rev. Dr. Yonas Yigezu, president of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, has requested that we pray for peace in Ethiopia, and for wisdom and guidance for EECMY and their leaders as they seek peace and pursue it;

Whereas our full communion partnership agreement commits us to praying for one another;

Therefore, be it resolved that the NALC, in convocation, will offer prayer for these intentions during our gathering, will invite every pastor, congregation and member to enter into intentional and intensive prayer for Ethiopia;

And be it further resolved that the bishop of the NALC together with executive staff, prepare a letter to be sent to President Yigezu assuring him of the love, concern and prayers of their brothers and sisters in the NALC.

Motion made & seconded.  Voice vote.  Motion approved.

Mission Convocation Recognitions

Ordination Anniversaries

20 Years
The Rev. Gemechis Desta Buba
The Rev. Cathy A. Fanslau
The Rev. Evelyn Johnson
The Rev. Bjoern Meinhardt
Rev. Paula L. Murray
The Rev. Lisa L. Peterson
The Rev. Christinia A. Seibel
The Rev. Ernest B. Sheldon
The Rev. Eric Waters

25 Years
The Rev. Daniel David Baker
The Rev. Jeffrey T. Cottingham
The Rev. Dwight John Hanson
The Rev. Roger G. Keller
The Rev. Charles H. Lashley
The Rev. Jeffrey J. Lee
The Rev. Timothy Lundeen
The Rev. Jean Rabary
The Rev. Shelly D. Schultz
The Rev. Hilbert A. Schultz
The Rev. Christopher B. Staley
The Rev. Paul M. Strom
The Rev. Mark E. Wilhelm

30 Years
The Rev. Franz Joseph Bradenburg
The Rev. Daniel W. Cave
The Rev. Alex A. Chartier
The Rev. John T. Conrad
The Rev. Sara Ann Gausmann
The Rev. Steven J. Hartten
The Rev. William C. Heber Jr.
The Rev. Daniel Hendrickson
The Rev. Thomas J. Hux
The Rev. Mark A. Kindem
The Rev. Eric C. Meissner
The Rev. Kevin Ree
The Rev. Norman J. Sulaica Jr.

35 Years
The Rev. Scott W. Baker
The Rev. Scott F. Berner
The Rev. Randall A. Cauble
The Rev. Jarrod Lanning
The Rev. Rodney W. Lilley
The Rev. Jeffrey David Messner
The Rev. John Moffett
The Rev. K. Craig Moorman
The Rev. Bryan R. Salminen
The Rev. Lewis Samuel Scheiderer
The Rev. Daniel W. Selbo
The Rev. Raymond E. Short
The Rev. H. Brian Triller

40 Years
The Rev. Mark H. Braaten
The Rev. Donald M. Brandt
The Rev. Thomas M. Brodbeck
The Rev. Kenneth A. Comstock
The Rev. Henry Andrew Corcoran
The Rev. Matthew Cox
The Rev. Keith H. Eslinger
The Rev. Preston Bennett Foster
The Rev. Peter V. Gundersen
The Rev. Daniel Hansen
The Rev. Roy A. Harrisville III
The Rev. William Hecht
The Rev. Gregory B. Held
The Rev. Gerald Norman Kaskela
The Rev. John W. Krueger
The Rev. John M. Kulczycki
The Rev. Simon Wing-Shing Lee
The Rev. Philip Lee
The Rev. Kurt Erik Luebkeman
The Rev. Pentti J. Maki
The Rev. Don L. Neumann
The Rev. Robert H. Quaintance
The Rev. John Saethre
The Rev. Jonathan D. Sorum
The Rev. Sandra S. Soye
The Rev. David M. Wendel
The Rev. Samuel Zumwalt Jr.

45 Years
The Rev. Gabriel Baxter Baumgardner
The Rev. Bruce E. Foster
The Rev. Michael Gabby
The Rev. Douglas C. Gast
The Rev. N. Amanda Grimmer
The Rev. John W. Harmon
The Rev. Justin P. Kollmeyer
The Rev. James R. Palan
The Rev. Ann Miller Smith
The Rev. Michael G. Tavella

50 Years
The Rev. John Bauer
The Rev. Robert Groenke, Jr.
The Rev. Philip Gronbach
The Rev. Kenneth Hauge
The Rev. George Mathews Jr.
The Rev. Thomas McCrone
The Rev. James Neal
The Rev. James Nestingen
The Rev. Kenneth Schott II
The Rev. Wayne Strohschein
The Rev. Alan Williams

55 Years
The Rev. Norman Albertson
The Rev. James DeLong
The Rev. Ray Rosenthal
The Rev. Bruce Welander

60 Years
The Rev. Harvey Blume
The Rev. Ronald Schmidt

70 Years
The Rev. Thurmond Plexico


Military Chaplains and Personnel and Their Families

The Rev. Jesse J. Abbott
The Rev. Craig K. Abee
The Rev. Paul A. Chapman
The Rev. Paul Lynn
The Rev. Steven J. Nicolai
The Rev. Adam J. Roe
The Rev. Wesley K. Teixeira-Alves
The Rev. Steven J. Wadle
The Rev. Frezil Westerlund

Chaplains Serving in Other Contexts

The Rev. Daniel A. Bellinger
The Rev. Patricia Clark Braunscheidel
The Rev. Pirjo Carlisle
The Rev. Gregory E. Davidson
The Rev. Paul D. Hansen
The Rev. Karen M. Jersild
The Rev. Victor F. Kolch
The Rev. John W. Krueger
The Rev. Constance M. Morrow
The Rev. Titus J. Ngebeh
The Rev. Angel L. Scott
The Rev. Richard Joseph Stoecker
The Rev. Jacob Michael Taxis
The Rev. Christopher D. Thorson
The Rev. Sarah E. Woodward

Introduction of Seminarians

Julius Badigo
Justin Baker
Laura Simone Bhasin
Benjamin Blobaum
Byron Burger
Cody Carpenter
Michael Davis
Aaron Dawson
Kansa Deresa
Lynnae Douglas
Jonathan Gowin
Alliyah Greaver
Hailey Halmstad
Heather Hanson
Joseph Hill
Maureen (Molly) King
Benjamin Lander
Yvette Moy
Colin Neill
Michelle Oddsen
Teresa Peters
John Popiak
Pal Pusztai
John Renick
Ricky Richards
Philip Sandi
Carlos Santiago Flores
George Schrader
Megan Shaffer
Ramiel Shamwel
Edsel (Dale) Stanley
Robert Syner
Alicia Wolfe

Introduction of Newly Ordained Pastors

The Rev. Taylor Stempniak, serving at Immanuel in Fresno, CA;
The Rev. Yuwei Bai, serving at North Immanuel in Pelican Rapids, MN;
The Rev. John King Jr., serving at Grace in Enterprise, OR;
The Rev. Eric Steward, serving at Mt. Zion in Lucas, OH;
The Rev. John Crawford, serving at Faith in Faith, NC;
The Rev. Ke Zhu, serving at Chinese Lutheran Church of Honolulu, in Honolulu, HI;
The Rev. Jay Lutz, serving at Trinity in Ponoka, AB Canada;
The Rev. Adam Poe, serving at St. John’s Hopewell, in Celina, OH and Zion in Chattanooga, OH;
The Rev. Darcy Albers, serving at St. Albert Evangelical in St. Alberta, AB Canada; and
The Rev. Parker Kantos, serving at Brighton Heights in Pittsburgh, PA.

Congregational Anniversaries

100 Years 

1921    First English Lutheran Church, Marysville, OH
1921    First English Ev Lutheran Church, Baker City, OR
1921    Immanuel Lutheran Church, Whitewood, SD

125 Years     

1896    Glen Flora Lutheran Church, Glen Flora, WI
1896    St Peter Lutheran Church, Doss, TX
1896    St Paul Lutheran Church, Runge, TX

150 Years

1871    Christina Lake Lutheran Church, Evansville, MN
1871    Christiana Lutheran Church, Salisbury, NC
1871    St John’s Ev Lutheran Church, Cullom, IL
1871    St Paul’s Ev Lutheran Church, Millersburg, PA

175 Years 

1846    Holy Ghost Lutheran Church, Fredericksburg, TX

250 Years 

1771    St Paul Lutheran Church, Seven Valleys, PA


Remembrance of Pastors Who Have Died Since the Last Convocation:

9/10/2020 – Catherine I H Braasch – 17 years of ordained ministry
9/11/2020 – Steven G Gilbertson – 35 years of ordained ministry
9/18/2020 – Paul G Senff – 62 years of ordained ministry
9/27/2020 – Kurt W Borows, Jr. – 56 years of ordained ministry
9/28/2020 – Patrick N Kelly – 53 years of ordained ministry
10/17/2020 – Paull E Spring – 55 years of ordained ministry
12/15/2020 – James L Friesner, Jr. – 20 years of ordained ministry
03/08/2021 – Robert K Herndon – 49 years of ordained ministry