Building a Culture of Generosity in our Congregations — Join us for RESET, a workshop hosted by the Living and Giving Stewardship Team

Is it possible to change the culture of giving in your congregation? Yes!

Though first, one has to understand one’s own relationship to money and giving. RESET is a highly interactive study that helps congregations reset and sharpen their vision of giving. It will test participants’ assumptions and misconceptions. Through exploring your family of origin and how it shapes your current attitudes about giving, you will learn how to craft your own story about your relationship with money and giving.

This seminar also resets our biblical understandings about Jesus, money and possessions, and assists congregations in resetting their priorities and faith practices. To shift giving and generosity from being only a transactional activity, to one that is truly transformational. Transformational giving is not focused on the amount or size of the gift, but on the joy and life-changing effect it has on the giver.

What has been your experience of giving in congregations — joyful and generous or conflictual and challenging? Is there a spoken or unspoken concern that there is never enough? You will be asked to explore those concerns and write a spiritual biography about giving in your life and a vision for giving in your congregation. A vision based upon how Jesus has richly blessed your life.

Participants will also learn how to build a legacy of giving — the importance of creating a testament to your faith with one’s money and possessions, that reaches far beyond your lifetime.

Join us in the conversation, as together we work to build a culture of generosity in our families and our faith communities!

Materials will be provided.