Structuring Plan

Greetings to the leaders of The North American Lutheran Church,

 The NALC has a commission for mission. The About Us section of our website sums this up well:

 “A renewed Lutheran community moving forward in faith, the NALC is focused on living out Christ’s Great Commission to go and make disciples in North America and around the globe.”

 With this as our core, we want to equip the Body of Christ for this work. Our NALC dean structure has been effective in the past, but we have grown, and find that we need to adapt our continental structure to continue to meet our needs of discipleship for all as we pursue the mission and ministry of our Lord.

 The NALC Restructuring Task Force has picked up the work begun several years ago, addressed our current situation, and created a plan to meet our growing Body of Christ at work in the world.

We present this document with details of the structuring plan. 

The Restructuring Task Force members are:

Pastor Daniel M. Powell, Convener of the Task Force and former Dean;
Pastor Mark Daniels, Convener of the Deans;
Pastor Pam Thorson, Dean;
Scott Kramer, NALC Executive Council;
Pastor Mark Chavez, former NALC General Secretary


May the name of Jesus Christ be praised!